2018: The Year of “Fullness”

hate New Years resolutions.

They may work for some people, so more power to you, but I simply suck at them. I kick it into gear, and like most people I fall short usually somewhere in February. Especially if my goals are super specific (like going to the gym three times per week… when was the last time I did that?), I end up getting irritated and disappointed with myself every time.

But I have this belief that God can do a lot with just a little. What I mean by that is this: if I focus my year on what God has for me, and do my best to walk in that, I don’t need to strive in my own strength to achieve any resolutions I set for myself. 

For example:

In 2017 I wanted to really focus on taking care of myself, whatever that looked like. I knew I needed to eat healthier and rest more due to my health issues, and I wanted self-care to be a big priority. But instead of saying “I am going to set aside an hour each day to rest” or “I am going to stop eating junk,” I simply turned to God and asked what his desire was for me that year.

I prayed about what my word or focus needed to be for the year, and felt the Lord reveal to me the word “abide.” In that, I knew that I had found the solution to the goals that I had previously felt were unattainable. I realized that if my goals lined up with what God desired for me, and if my focus was on walking in his desire for me, everything else would fall into place.

2017 was hectic for me. With everything I had on my plate, I also faced two surgeries and yet another bout of random but debilitating health issues. Had I not been focused on abiding in Christ – resting in Him, spending time in the Word to guide me through the rough patches, making choices on what to eat based on what the Bible says about my body and the things I put in it – I would have crumbled. I wouldn’t have spent time with God, I would have eaten all the comfort food, and I would have extremely frustrated with myself and with God that I couldn’t reach my goals. Focusing on God’s desire for me in 2017 helped me gain perspective on my both circumstances and my goals amidst those circumstances.

All that being said, 2018 for me is a year of fullness. Scripture tells us that Christ came for us to have “life and life to the full” (John 10:10), and that is something I am craving after the marathon 2017 felt like. Whether it is at school, work, here on FHF, or whatever I get to experience this year, my focus will be to claim the fullness that Christ came for me to have.

I left 2017 feeling drained from all it entailed and all the resting that was required of me (yes, I felt like I rested a little too much for my comfort), but hopeful that 2018 would be a year of rejoicing and wholly experiencing all the new and exciting things this year has to offer. This year is already looking bright!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? And if you don’t participate in that, what are you most looking forward to in 2018?


Abby Shrewsbury

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