Slave “Steelers” – The NFL Team Taking Action Against Sex Trafficking

As a die-hard SEC College Football fan (Go Hogs), I usually find it hard to get into the NFL. I’ve never had a favorite pro team, and the Super Bowl has always just been an occasion for me to get together with friends and watch funny commercials.

This changed everything for me.

In learning about sex trafficking, one of the most shocking things to me was how much trafficking went on in the location of the Super Bowl. Wherever it ends up, studies have found that the Super Bowl is a hotbed for sex trafficking and exploitation. As a matter of fact, it is so big that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is quoted as saying it is the “single largest human trafficking incident in the United States” (

Knowing this made finding out that the Pittsburgh Steelers have taken a stand against sex trafficking that much better.

Head Coach Mike Tomlin brought in the anti-trafficking organization Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) to speak to his players and has rallied his team to take a stand against trafficking. He says they have an unheard-of 100% participation from players.

Tomlin emphasized in an interview with CBN News just how vital prayer is in an industry as large and horrific as trafficking. “…You realize that prayer is what’s needed. The problem’s so large and so widespread. It’s much bigger than we all would like to realize. The chief component has to be prayer.”

If you want to hear more, check out his interview.

I don’t know about you, but as a previous anti-NFL supporter, I think I may have found a team I can cheer for. But, no matter your favorite team, when Super Bowl 52 comes around on February 4th don’t forget to pray for the victims that are being exploited there in the surrounding area.


Abby Shrewsbury

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2 Replies to “Slave “Steelers” – The NFL Team Taking Action Against Sex Trafficking”

  1. Hi Abbey,

    Great blog! I was impressed to see that you are blogging to serve the Lord. I saw this article about the Steelers and what coach Tomlin was doing to battle sex trafficking with his team. Praising God for men who abide in Christ. They are the protectors and defenders this world needs. May God raise up more to do His will.

    Keep walking, working, and worshipping Christ as you are now and He will guide your path. I’m a proud mother of a Christ loving, believing, worshiping daughter. There is NOTHING she could do above or beyond that to make my love for her more complete. I’m sure your mother feels the same.

    Forever in my prayers,

    Deb Broday


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