You are the Perfect Candidate

Have you ever sat down in one of those awful, funky moods and thought to yourself Who am I to think I can do this?

A few weeks ago, I had been in one of these all-too-familiar moods for longer than I’d like to admit. I sat in my living room and caught myself in a pity party of self-doubt and faithlessness. Being a 20 year old with frequently recurring health issues, I found myself in a place once again that I needed to have some real-talk with God.

God, where would I be right now – who would I have been able to become – if I had never gotten sick?

I do this all too often – in fact, I’m even doing it now as I write my first ever blog post. There seems to be an array of excuses that I could use convince myself that I’m not cut out for this and that.

It’s funny to me how the enemy has a tendency to invade our thoughts with all the reasons that we are under-qualified or unequipped to handle what God has put in front of us.

Read 1 Samuel 10:20 – 24.

A little back story about Saul: He was the lowest of the low. He was in the most lowly family of the smallest tribe of Israel, and logically he wasn’t qualified for much of anything.

This is one way the enemy likes to explain away our ability to do what God has asked of us. He likes to point out our capacity for failure and leave us with thoughts stirring of doubt and defeat.

When Saul was called to be king, he was probably sitting in that same place – feeling uncertain of anything other than his inability to fulfill his calling. He was so distraught he physically hid.

But when they looked for him, he had disappeared! So they asked the Lord, “Where is he?” And the Lord replied, “He is hiding among the baggage.”

Key in on the wording here, because it’s massively important. He was hiding among the baggage. What baggage are you allowing to hold you back from where God has called you? Are you allowing the enemy to convince you that you aren’t qualified or equipped to handle God’s calling because of the things you’ve done, the things that have been done to you, or the things you haven’t done?

Scripture tells us that God “guides us along the right paths for his name’s sake” (Ps. 23:3). Whatever road He is leading you down, that is your own personalized path that is going to bring the most glory to his name. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be easy, or that you won’t have struggles. In fact, scripture guarantees that we’ll have trouble (John 16:33).

But God has not called you where he has not already equipped you. 

Maybe the place God is calling you right now is to a season of perseverance or patience. Maybe He’s calling you to do something that makes you uncomfortable or that seems so big that you can’t wrap your head around it (hello, blogging).

The enemy is going to use every strategy he can to convince you that God’s calling is not where you are supposed to be. Why? When you step into your calling you are stepping into the place where you will have maximum impact for God’s kingdom.

Sitting in my living room that night, it was like God almost reached out and physically shook me out of my train of self-pity and doubt.

Abby, you would not be who I called you to be, where I called you to be, if you hadn’t gotten sick. Everything that has happened has precisely positioned you to have maximum impact if you would trust me and continue to walk this out in faith.


When the enemy comes around trying to convince you to hide behind your “baggage,” remind him that your weakness is what makes you the perfect candidate to show the world how incredible your God is.

One last thought:

God sought Saul out. He didn’t allow him to discredit himself with the reasons he believed he couldn’t accomplish what God was asking of him. He searched for him, found him, and brought him out into the crowd. And what stands out most to me? He stood “head and shoulders above the rest”. No longer was Saul crouched and hiding behind his baggage – his excuses, his past, his insecurities. He had stepped into God’s calling and he was able to hold his head high again.

What is God calling you to do today? Step into his calling and watch as he builds something far more beautiful than you could imagine.


Abby Shrewsbury


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