January is Slavery and Trafficking Awareness Month

Hello, friends!

January is the perfect time to launch For Her Freedom, because it is Human Trafficking and Slavery Awareness Month. There could not be a better time to set this all in motion!

This month on For Her Freedom, we are going to dive into how our culture deals with trafficking and exploitation, and what God says about us and our ability to help end it.

I am so excited to continue to share my heart for this ministry with you, but until then, here are some facts and statistics about trafficking to get you a bit more familiarized with the industry:

  • The International Labor Organization estimates 4.8 million people are trapped in forced sexual exploitation alone.
  • Only 1% of victims are ever rescued.
  • Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, generating more than $150 billion USDĀ every year.
  • Human sex trafficking can take many forms, including pornography and street prostitution.
  • At least 26% of all trafficking victims (this includes labor trafficking) are children, and an estimated 55% are women and girls.

This all seems very disheartening, but we can certainly have hope. Some of the best ways we can help are to get involved, educate ourselves, and pray for this industry. Reading this blog is a fantastic start!


Abby Shrewsbury

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