Praying Boldly in Your God-Given Victory


Have you ever stepped back from a situation in an attempt to look at it logically and come to the conclusion that there was just no possible way that it could work out well?

I remember our team’s first full day in Stuttgart when we set out in smaller teams to prayer walk around some of the communities, specifically for the brothels in that area. The specific location my small group was going is home to a mega brothel. We were informed of a murder of one of the ladies there in recent years by a brutal crime of jealousy that had occurred in sight of many of the other women inside. The team used to be allowed inside to bring gifts and speak with the ladies, but then a shift in management following the incident closed the doors to us.

The brothel had the strongest sense of darkness I had ever felt before. I could physically feel the weight of the spiritual warfare. As my heart was pounding I mentally stepped back and assessed the entirety of the situation I was walking into. Although I wasn’t convinced that I was physically in much danger, something about the situation had me certain that things would go terribly wrong.

As we continued to pray, I felt an overwhelming sense of how small I was in relation to the massive problem in front of me. I began to doubt the effectiveness of my prayers, feeling that I couldn’t possibly pray “big enough” to make any difference. That was it. That was the terrible thing I was expecting. I couldn’t make a difference.

Then, almost like a whisper through the fear and doubt circling my thoughts, the Lord reminded me of his promise of victory. Not only did this give my prayers a better sense of hope and expectation, but allowed me to realize that the entire weight of trafficking and sexual exploitation was not something that I alone was meant to carry.

It is already finished. We already know who will win. Confident hope of inevitable victory is a powerful force in prayer against the enemy. 

When we know in advance the victory we are predestined for, our attitude shifts. When we know that God is fighting with us, we have so much more authority in our voices. We walk a little taller. We pray a little fiercer. We may even have the audacity to pray boldly.

God doesn’t shy away from bold prayers. He begins with impossible.

Scripture tells us that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains (Matthew 17:20). Can you imagine what bold proclamations in faith could do?

I think most of us are wired for pessimism. We tend to think in worst-case scenarios rather than assessing difficult situations with our pre-determined victory. I know I tend to be that way. But we must learn to face the world from the perspective of victory – we know the battle is already won. 


Abby Shrewsbury 

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