Coping with the Realities of the Trafficking Industry

Because of the heaviness of human trafficking – some of the darkness that we talked about in our last post – it is important for those of us involved in the efforts against it to know how to cope with the toll it can take on us as individuals.

Whether we’re on the front lines of the ministry or spreading awareness through social media from home, there are times that our emotions can overwhelm us. It is important to face these emotions rather than pushing them away, but it is equally important to make sure we are handling our emotions well.

A good process to use when following up whatever emotions occur throughout your journey in advocacy for human trafficking looks like this:

  1. Address the facts. What are the factual, objective things that are happening? Who is involved?
  2. What thoughts are going through your head as you observe these facts? Try not to skip ahead to feelings quite yet in this phase.
  3. After these initial thoughts and occurrences, what reactions have you observed in yourself? What are the emotions running through your heart and mind?
  4. What side effects come alongside these reactions?
  5. What lessons can be learned from this?
  6. Re-entry. What issues may occur as you continue into your everyday life? What precautions can you take? Self-care is key here, and watch out for any triggers that may come out of the woodwork.

Overall, it is crucial to have a community of people that support you and are there for you. If we are to overcome darkness in the world, we cannot allow ourselves to be overcome. Address your emotions, and do your best to submit them to the Lord so that He can reveal His plan for them in you. Remember: visiting a therapist is always okay, too.

Emotions are good things and they incite compassion and empathy within us. They are a way that the Lord motivates us to fight. However, we can’t let them reign over us – only Jesus can do that. Let Christ in on your process, and He will make sure you’re taken care of no matter what difficult circumstance comes your way.


Brittney Lampkin

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