Overcoming Discouragement in Ministry

Dedicating our lives to a ministry that we love can bring so much meaning to our lives. It can make us feel like we’re tapping into a piece of our purpose, into the depths of why we were created. Serving out of love for Christ and people can be rewarding, but if we aren’t careful, we can burnout. This can happen for several reasons — maybe we aren’t resting enough, maybe we don’t feel appreciated, maybe we start to see the things that were once amazing to us as mundane, maybe we get discouraged with how hard we are working vs. how much seems to change. 

Ultimately, when we as humans feel exhausted and at the end of our rope, it’s usually because we have been striving and gathering strength from ourselves, rather than the Strength Giver. Everything we do as Christ followers has to come from a place where we are giving all of it to the Lord. We give Him our worries, our victories, our hopes, our disappointments — and He transforms it into something more beautiful than we could ever imagine. Our Father expects a lot from us in this life, He requires us to pour our love and life out on His children. It’s a tall order if we’re trying to do it on our own. 

When we face this burnout, we have to come back to where it begins and ends: Jesus. We remember that we are not only living for Him, working and waiting for what He wills us to do, but we are living with Him. We are called to learn His rhythms of grace, and dwell in His love so that we can have peace no matter what. 

If you are feeling this way, I pray that you will take some time and let the Lord speak into your weary heart. Tell Him how you feel. Let Him take the burden. I speak against any shame that you may feel in this process; I promise God knows how hard you have been working, and you will not be met with condemnation. 

He will always give us what we need. 

Brittney Lampkin

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