Praying for Justice

“If all your prayers were answered would it change the world or just you?”

One thing that we have learned in this ministry, is that prayer is everything. Prayer sets a foundation upon which action can be taken toward tangible justice. It invites the Father to take His rightful place as ruler over Earth. It sends walls crumbling, sends fire down from Heaven, raises the dead to life, casts out demons and fear alike, and it is our greatest defense and weapon against the enemy. 

Some of us are gifted with prophecy, faith, prayer language — but we are ALL gifted with the ability to reach up to our Father and intercede for those who can’t. I consider myself a “frontline” person. I thrive in physical acts of service. I have to remind myself, though, that prayer is as frontline as it gets. It is going out on a spiritual battlefield, and fighting for God’s will, on earth as it is in Heaven. This is the first step in fighting for justice, and if we are skipping it, we are missing out on insight from God and probably running into more obstacles than we have to. If you are passionate about a global issue, and you feel like there’s nothing you as an individual can do — you’re wrong. You can pray. And God hears you. 

Prayer also protects our hearts. When we are fighting for what is right, it can be easy to let lesser things into our hearts unknowingly. Discouragement overcomes us when the darkness seems more prevalent than the Light, anger boils our blood when it seems that justice isn’t served, sorrow weighs us down when all we can do is plant a seed instead of reap the harvest. Prayer helps us process emotions as they come in a healthy way. It gives us the ability to lift our messy emotions up to God and say, “What would You like to do with this? What is Your heart? What’s next?” 

Sometimes, we as believers don’t have perseverance or resilience in our prayer life. We get discouraged, we go through the motions, we are insecure because we don’t know what words are just right. We circle Jericho 6 times, and stop, unknowing that the 7th time will bring the walls down to ash. I encourage you, keep fighting. Develop the discipline and the discernment, and watch God build your faith along the way. Mark Batterson said, “bold prayers honor God, and God honors bold prayers.” Our fellowship with Him through prayer gives us new eyes to see things how He sees Him. 

When we pray specific, wild prayers, we can see God change the earth. 


Brittney Lampkin

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