Getting Back to Humanity

Amidst the tragedies of all of the allegations coming out of sexual assault, I am so saddened by our response as a nation. The opposing forces have taken up arms to fight, but they seem to have left those actually hurting from these events sitting in the dirt.

Radicals on all opposing sides are taking over the narrative. Each side decides that they are unequivocally correct, and to prove it they yell their opinions and biased statistics in an attempt to be heard over all the other chaos. What’s fascinating, albeit quite disturbing, is that their “solutions” are only gasoline on the fire. It’s almost as if the controversy at hand doesn’t matter compared to how they can leverage it to anger the other side. It’s an all-out war, but everyone seems to forget what they’re fighting for.

And the question remains:

When do we get back to caring for each other’s humanity?

I know this can be a controversial topic, but in an attempt to be fully transparent and to urge us back toward the real issue, I’m going to talk about it anyway, and I pray that you’ll let it sink in.

I’m going to start by saying that most claims of sexual assault are true. It’s estimated that only 2-8% of claims are false, and I understand the weight of these allegations. It is a serious issue and I am glad there is a movement taking a stand against it.

But right now, our culture is bulldozing over the humanity of both alleged victim and perpetrator. Radicals are claiming to care about the victim, screaming about the issue only to further their agenda. They are encouraging our society into a hole of a victim mentality and suggesting that all the world’s problems are because of men. On the other side of that are radicals that are claiming that all these allegations coming out are false. That it’s so convenient that victims are coming forward now. They victim blame, make excuses, and pretend that it’s no big deal especially if they’ve waited this long to come out. They are pushing their agenda to hold onto a male-dominated society and suggesting that all the world’s problems could be solved if women would keep their mouths shut.

But don’t we care anymore about the people that are actually hurting from these issues? We seem not to care about the destructive quality this narrative has on our culture, rather we are further dividing an already torn nation.

It’s important to know, especially in a time like this, that disunity never produces righteous change. Political agendas and opinions can be proclaimed from the rooftops to the most influential people, but if we don’t look at the heart of this issue and care about where our culture is and how it is effecting individual lives we will never see an end to this.

With each new allegation, I hear reactions of Are there no good people left? When will this stop? How many can there really be? But I mean, can we really be surprised about where we are? Everywhere you turn our culture is declaring that the way for men to get power is to assert their dominance over women, and the way for women to get noticed is to show off their bodies and act provocatively.

Right now, all that’s happening are futile attempts from both sides to destroy the weeds by simply clipping them. But when there is a massive root system below the surface this does nothing.

I say, if we want to get angry about something, the least we can do is join together to fight for something that will actually produce real change and caters to the humanity of our peers and the generations below us. Let’s start caring about what we’re teaching our children. Let’s begin to explore the idea of having enough respect to honor each other with our decisions.

How much better would our society look if we started caring enough to actually listen to each other’s struggles and make decisions based on truly bettering society?

Justice is extremely important. That is irrefutable. But what I’m saying is that if we want true justice and true change, we’re going to have to stop aggravating this issue in pursuit of our selfish ambitions, actively seek cultural restitution, and care more for the heart of the individuals on the receiving end of injustice.

Abby Shrewsbury

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