Feeling Frenzy: Filtering Your Feelings with Real Truth

Read Proverbs 28:26, Matthew 4:18-19, and Galatians 5:22-25.

Right now, the world is telling us that what we feel is what is most important… that we should protect our feelings at all costs. Culture will claim that your truth is what matters, and as long as it makes you feel good, you’re golden.

Your feelings are God-given, and they aren’t always bad. As a matter of fact, they can be instrumental in your growth. They’re only bad if you allow them to dictate your actions. God allows us to feel, but the enemy tries to exploit it into something that becomes your direction, your false god.

When our feelings direct us, we lack the vision and discernment to walk closely with the Lord. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t ever get emotional, or that feeling at all is bad. But you can only have one leader, and if it’s anything other than Christ it will ultimately hinder your walk with him.

If your feelings aren’t in check, the peace of God seems impossibly far away. Living like this, you never know where you will be when some unforeseen circumstance comes your way. Even more, if you believe that your feelings are your truth, you are easily swayed from the path God has laid out for you. For instance, when you base your ministry to others on how you feel you probably aren’t catering to their needs. When you decide that you need to feel comfortable at all costs, you will likely refuse to follow the will of God at some point to protect that desire of comfortability.

We have two options: allow our feelings to control us (lead us away from God) or allow God to control our feelings (lead us toward God).

Like I said before, God gave us feelings for a reason. They can be such a useful tool in aligning your heart with the Father if we are sure to keep God and his plan for us at top priority.

To do this, we have to get into the habit of bringing our feelings, good and bad, to the Lord. God, I know you are allowing this feeling for a reason – what can I do with it to glorify you? This habit allows us to redirect our thoughts before they turn into actions. When we filter our feelings through the Word and act in accordance with God’s direction, we thwart the enemy’s attempts to lead us into the temptation to place our feelings above our purpose.

Things you can ask yourself to help keep your feelings in check: Does this align with the fruits of the Spirit? Can I focus on my calling while feeling this feeling? Does this feeling fulfill what God has asked of me as his follower? Can I serve others well while feeling this way? Would I want someone else to be feeling this toward me?

If you can answer no to any of those questions, that feeling has the potential to grow into something that leads you off-path. Don’t give it the chance to do so. Decide, at that moment, to surrender that feeling to the will of the Father. Ask God what he wants you to do with it, and do that.

Your feelings aren’t your truth. But if you can habitually filter your feelings through the only truth of the Word and will of God, you will ultimately find yourself more at peace, more grounded, and more in-tune with the Father.


Abby Shrewsbury

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