2018 Mission Trip

We are returning to Germany!

Abby and Brittney, two of our FHF team members, have previously been on mission trips with New Life Church to Stuttgart Germany with the purpose of raising awareness for human trafficking and sexual exploitation and loving on women who may be in those situations. In Germany, prostitution is legal, robbing many of these women of the ability to form healthy relationships–with God and others–and the opportunity to feel valued. Both Abby and Brittney felt moved on their previous trips to continue to be involved in this ministry and to return to Germany with their church.

We will again be ministering to victims and survivors of human trafficking, and spreading awareness of sex slavery. We will be going into brothels, building relationships of trust with these women, and seeking to share the word of God. We will participate in prayer walks around locations we feel spiritual warfare is strong.

How can you help?

There are multiple ways you can support the team! First, you can cover our team in prayer. Here are some things you can be prayerful about:

  • Building strong relationships with our team
  • Authority over spiritual warfare in these areas
  • Strength and hope for victims
  • Salvation of victims
  • Protection and healing (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically) of victims
  • Conviction and repentance of perpetrators
  • Against root causes such as poverty, greed, and lust
  • Awareness to spread (and our awareness events while we are there)
  • Our safety in Germany
  • Against corrupt government and legalization of prostitution
  • Against the lies of the enemy when he says there is no hope for these women

Secondly, though our hearts are full of compassion for women in this environment, we must raise money to be able to go on this trip. You can be a part of this incredible trip through your financial support. You can donate here!

If you would like to know more or receive email updates on specific team prayer requests or fundraisers you can take part in, you can fill out a form here and get in touch with our team!

We are grateful for every prayer and every penny! Thank you for supporting our team!