Praying for Justice


"If all your prayers were answered would it change the world or just you?” One thing that we have learned in this ministry, is that prayer is everything. Prayer sets a foundation upon which action can be taken toward tangible justice. It invites the Father to take His rightful place as ruler over Earth. It …


Temptation Thoughts


Read 1 Corinthians 10:13 and 2 Samuel 11. I think every time I read this passage I grow more perplexed by how all these events unfolded. Was Bathsheba purposefully bathing in David's line of sight? Was she innocently relaxing after a long day, simply unaware of David's gaze? Had David laid in waiting, anticipating Bathsheba to …

It All Adds Up: The Relationship Between Pornography and Sexual Assault


The culture we live in today is one where people are encouraged to express themselves freely — in their art, their work, and their thoughts. This translates pretty quickly into the individual sexuality of us all. However, a dilemma exists — though personal freedom becomes more available, we see what seems like every day, a …