Though we are passionate about fighting the trafficking industry, we don’t know everything. On this page you can find some great resources that we use personally to educate ourselves.


  • The A21 Campaign
    • You can find them on social media, or at their website:
  • Exodus Cry
    • You can find them on social media, on iTunes, or at their website:
  • Prostitution Research & Education
    • Melissa Farley has some fantastic factual resources here, and this is a great website to expand your knowledge of the industry.
  • Kainos
    • Kainos is a nonprofit ministry working against human trafficking and sexual exploitation in prostitution in Stuttgart, Germany and around the world.

People to Watch For:

  • Rachel Moran:
    • Follow her on Twitter, she has great updates on current events.
  • Melissa Farley:
    • She is heavily involved in the legal and governmental side of the fight to end trafficking and sexual exploitation.


  • The Exodus Cry Podcast

Films and Videos:

Other Sites:

  • This article by the Fair Observer on the history of sex trafficking


This list will grow with time, so keep checking in for more!