Getting Back to Humanity


Amidst the tragedies of all of the allegations coming out of sexual assault, I am so saddened by our response as a nation. The opposing forces have taken up arms to fight, but they seem to have left those actually hurting from these events sitting in the dirt. Radicals on all opposing sides are taking …


Please [DON’T] Stand By


We need to talk. There's a certain human tendency that is allowing people to continually prey on the vulnerable and exploit them in every way. It's subtle, and it's so often subconscious that we rarely consider the tremendous impact it can have. Picture this: You're walking down the road and see a man lying on …

It All Adds Up: The Relationship Between Pornography and Sexual Assault


The culture we live in today is one where people are encouraged to express themselves freely — in their art, their work, and their thoughts. This translates pretty quickly into the individual sexuality of us all. However, a dilemma exists — though personal freedom becomes more available, we see what seems like every day, a …