Shame, Shame, I Know Your Name


Read Isaiah 54:4, 1 John 2:2, and Psalm 34:5. Someone once told me that you are a combination of the things that you've experienced. The things that you've done - the things that have been done to you - that's what makes you who you are. And for a long time I accepted this as …


Overcoming Discouragement in Ministry


Dedicating our lives to a ministry that we love can bring so much meaning to our lives. It can make us feel like we’re tapping into a piece of our purpose, into the depths of why we were created. Serving out of love for Christ and people can be rewarding, but if we aren’t careful, …

It All Adds Up: The Relationship Between Pornography and Sexual Assault


The culture we live in today is one where people are encouraged to express themselves freely — in their art, their work, and their thoughts. This translates pretty quickly into the individual sexuality of us all. However, a dilemma exists — though personal freedom becomes more available, we see what seems like every day, a …